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There's two ways to train with Premier BFT... (see below)

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  • Skills & Drills, Basketball IQ Training, and Competitive Games. 

  • 1on1, Group, and Clinics + Workshops.

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  • Sports Performance and Adult Fitness.

  • Online and in-person training.

Home: Products


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"I 10/10 would recommend others to train with Coach Logan! You can tell Coach Logan is very informed of his craft and his efforts are well felt with how precise he wants our movements and how understanding of his studies he is when explaining the workouts. Coach Logan is exceptional with his communications skills. His instruction is clear and concise. Coach Logan not only delivers great workouts, but I feel that he establishes connections with us that gives me a more comfortable environment to work out in. I love training with Coach Logan because of the family-style energy, and I will always invest my time with him! If you want professionalism and a down-to-heart intellectual coach, then Coach Logan is definitely the way!"

Raazhel Watkins, Chaminade University Men's Basketball

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