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4 Quick Tips to Improve Your Jumpshot

Shooting is the most important skill in basketball.

If you have the ability to shoot consistently, then you are literally a threat to score from anywhere on the court. The problem is that not everyone knows the details of shooting.

Everyone has their own shot to master, but these 4 tips are universal among great shooters. These are some of the details of shooting that we’ll be covering in the Basketball Skills Classes. Register for your FREE session today by heading over to the "Classes" tab here.

Read more about the 4 details below, and watch a short video about them at the bottom.

  1. BALANCE --- You must first be on balance because everything starts from the ground up. If you're off balance then you'll throw off every subsequent detail.

  2. SHOOTING SIDE --- Keeping the ball on your shooting side assists in having a straight elbow that is neither in nor out.

  3. QUICK RELEASE --- Quick release promotes fluidity in the transfer of energy that you started from your lower body into your upper body when you project the ball.

  4. FULL EXTENSION --- Full extension on your follow thru with the elbow above the eye not only helps create a well-arched shot, but it also assists with the wrist snap for a soft shot that has backspin.

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